An innovative tool that can help you scale your business by giving you a bird’s eye view of the e-commerce market.We combine scientific research, business strategy, and data to optimize pricing and accelerate growth.


Match your products with competitor products and monitor pricing, market trends, vendor pricing and more.


Get reports on all the data to plan your pricing and promotion strategy to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Increase your profit by optimizing pricing and automated price adjustments with AI tool.

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19 M +

Products Matched

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99 .7 %

Matching Accuracy

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1820 +

Report Templates

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Our tool can help you match products and monitor prices, and promotions among your competitors. Get alerts to optimize pricing strategy to match the market.

Monitor price, promotions and stock of your competitors in any country, currency or online shop, on a daily basis. You can monitor an eCommerce competitor directly.

You can export information from our pricing software in CSV, JSON or XLSX format with just one click.  

Optimize pricing across your distribution channel and get alerts whenever your branding or brand quality is not at par. 

Analyze the full catalog of each of your online distributors, determining the exact position of your brand. You can consult the history of price and stock, helping you to understand how the prices of your products behave over a certain period.

Get Real Price Tech

What can you do with Get Real Price?

Our tool can help you reach your goals profitably with our AI technology.

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    Match Competitor Products
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    Monitor Prices
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    Optimize Prices
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    Monitor Promotions
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    Competitor Analysis
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    Brand Compliance
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    Identify Market Trends
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    Vendor Pricing Management

Our Products

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Link your Products

Link your catalogue or provide us with an excel of products that you want to match with other web stores

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Matching Products

Our AI tool matches your list of products with competitors and similar products in real time.

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Get a daily report on your email and customize reports on the dashboard for price monitoring, market trends, similar products, promotions and more.

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Optimize your strategy for pricing and promotions with automated pricing to increase sales based on product prices within competitors

Our Technology

Choose your competitors and goals
Compare Product Prices
Get detailed comparisons and history

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