Compare Products in Real Time

We are a technology-based company headquartered in Finland with offices all over Europe and MENA. Our platform has a comprehensive package of Profitable Pricing and Compliance Solutions. We help you bring an edge over your competitors by keeping you informed and alert. Our analysis and strategies help you understand the shortages in your plan and gives solutions to adjust and adapt with the market.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Global Presence
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Dedicated Support

Easy to Customize

Tailor your product matching solution to match your business and get upto 1820 customizable reports


Dedicated Support

We offer dedicated and expert chat support along with multiple training sessions for the tool


Easy to Use

We arrange the data in a presentable and easy-to-use dashboard with chart variations and reports


We Provide Useful Services

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted

Product Matching

Match your products with your competitors and get a daily report on the prices and the price history of the product.

  • Match Prices with Competitors
  • Get alerts for price matches in distribution network
Competitor Monitoring

Monitor all the products, prices, promotions and price history of your competitors.

  • Monitor price changes in competitors brand
  • Know the similar products from your competitor brands

Promotions Monitoring

Stay on top of the game by knowing all the promotional campaigns run by your competitors as well as their products on sale

  • Monitor the sale prices of competitors
  • Get an overview of promotions happening in the market for products

Automated Pricing

Automate price optimization of your products according to the market prices of your competitors and your margin.

  • Optimize Prices among competitors
  • Regulate prices of your products by comparing with current market trends