automated pricing

What you can do with Automated Pricing?



Define your business goals and margin



We extract the data and analyze the differences



We optimize prices per the goals and market

About Automated Pricing

With automated pricing, you can get a suggested price for each product or product baskets based on the market prices and business goals

  • Price Tracking
  • Set Business Goals
  • Predicting Market Price
  • Regular Reporting
  • Comparison Analytics
  • Changing the Prices

Define Strategy with Accurate Data

The repricing system will analyse, daily, competitor price and availability, then execute the business rules that it has been programmed to follow in order to determine the final sales price. This way, each product will have the price that you would have calculated yourself manually

Translate Rules to Simple Actions

A wide range of business rules will allow you to translate your company’s pricing strategy into simple action levels. For example, you could program your products to match the cheapest price as long as they generate more than 5% margin and provided that your competitors have stocks available.

Make Profits with Smart Rules

With a set of intelligently applied repricing rules you can boost your sales volume by finding the ideal price from which sales will be maximised. You will also be able to get an important portion of your product assortment to start selling when it reaches the most interesting price for the consumer, transmitting a positive image of good prices to your customers.

Rules, APIs and Reports

The GRP Tool allows you to define your pricing strategy in terms of simple rules through which you can change the prices of products as per the market trends. You can easily connect your e-commerce tool with GRP with APIs to ensure automated updation of prices according to rules. You also get reports on the changes in prices which are easily extractable in different formats- CSV, xlsx. and JSON. 

All your strategies, data, rules will be safe with GRP.