Leading Pharmacy In The GCC Region Increases
Their Revenue With GRP

Leading Pharmacy In The GCC Region Increases Their Revenue With GRP

The pharmaceutical industry has become quite competitive in the past few years. Digitalization in the process has changed the dynamic for a lot of shops, increasing not only efficiency but also the competition. With a lot of pharmaceutical retailers building webshops and apps for their customers, the consumers today have a plethora of options to choose from. With little to no brand loyalty, the consumer always shifts to the retailer with better prices. With GRP, we offer you a chance to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Our Client- A Leading Pharmaceutical Company in GCC

The Get Real Price Tool is being used by one of the leading pharmaceutical retailers in the GCC region. Our client has had a long period of presence in the pharmaceutical market with an active webshop for their consumers. They have reported an increase in revenue and better pricing strategy due to GRP tool usage. Having been with us just for a few months, we have seen a better pricing strategy from our client through the extensive reports that we provide them.


Challenges our Client faced


Managing mystery shoppers was a management nightmare with too many competitors and products.


Planning promotions was a shot in the dark with little to no data on details of competitor promotions.


Planning new release of products or deciding prices of products without organized data.

how it works

How GRP Tech helped our client increase their revenue?

1. Monitor Real time prices with advanced filters- No need of mystery shoppers
3. Planning promotions and prices with the help of organized data and history
2. Get customized reports and alerts to be on top of the game

Ready to see how GRP can transform your business?


Our Client’s Remarks

With the easy to use tool and multiple functionalities to get data and execute pricing strategies, our clients have reported that they have had a lot of ease with creating pricing strategies and increasing revenue through competitive prices through the GRP tool. They have also reported that they were able to plan their promotions in an organized way due to the real time price monitoring statistics.
With 1890 different kinds of reports, millions of matches and in-depth price monitoring, you too can increase your revenue with GRP.

Monitor your competitors prices
and stay ahead in the game

Food and Grocery has one of the largest market share in the Middle East with a total revenue of $189.8bn in 2020. With almost all the competitors present on online platforms, the market has been more saturated than ever. Expanding a customer base in such a market, thus, becomes very difficult.


The Grocery Retail market has been saturated with more competitors, products, and daily promotions. Being on top of the game is more difficult than ever as customer loyalty in this industry is zero to none.

How GRP Helped?

You can add unlimited competitors and match millions of SKUs.

Get Daily updates on the products and prices.

Set up rule based alerts and get an email whenever the rule is satisfied.

Track all the products and brands on sale with your competitors​