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Competitor Monitoring

With this tool, you can have a bird’s eye view of your competitor products, prices, price history, and promotions constantly. 

Discover how competitive your prices are, identifying where you are cheaper or more expensive, being able to adjust your prices to increase your sales and profits.


Detailed Reports

Get regular reports on Competitor Prices, sales, new products


Alert System

Alerts on the SKUs where your product is cheaper or expensive


Regular Updates

Updates on new products or price drop in selected SKUs


How Does it Work?


Accurate . Regular . Customizable

Our AI engine regularly updates the catalogues, price, matches and sales


Easy . Flexible . Collaborative

You have a dedicated dashboard to view changes and data as well as detailed downloadable reports

Monitor Competitor Catalogue

In the fast pacing e-commerce industry where prices and products are updated multiple times a day, you can be a step ahead of your competitors by knowing every update on their catalog. You will be able to see the stock, descriptions, images, titles, and promotions that are currently active on your competitor’s website. 

Pricing, Product Launch and Promotions

Be on the lookout for any new updates and additions in your competitor’s catalog to optimize your pricing and product launch strategy. You can also monitor the price history of a similar or duplicate product that you want to launch to set up a competitive price in the market. 

You can view the ongoing promotions on each product for the competitor products. With our advanced filters, you can view the brands as well as percentage of promotions for each product.

reports and Alerts

GRP tool can give you access to over 1000+ different types of reports highlighting the promotional aspects of your competitors. You can also customize your own reports by defining which fields you wish to export and with what frequency; the report manager puts at your disposal all the reports you need.

Our Alert System is an efficient rule-based AI which can send an alert to your email. Configure unlimited alerts and reports that will notify you by email when price, product or stock changes are made by your competitors, allowing you to filter the results with our advanced filters.