the Power of Price Monitoring

Price Monitoring is one of the most important part of any brand or e-commerce shop. It helps you monitor your brand closely and find the gaps where you can work to enhance quality and revive strategies. 

Powerful AI

Our AI tool is an accurate tool that can aggregate data from multiple websites, and provide comparisons and optimization scope.

Organized Reporting

You have access to detailed reports which can be regularly accessed on your email or can be customizable in the dashboard or directly

Accurate Matching

We have a matching accuracy of 98% due to our layers of verification and continuous updates for our AI tool which sets us apart

GRP website

Step 1

Link your products

You can link your products or upload your products in an xls format

Choose countries and Competitors

Give us a list of countries and competitors that you want to match your products with

Set your Frequency

Select the number of times you want your product matching and price monitoring reports.

Step 2


Matching Products

We use patented technologies with AI robots to match products from different webshops. We use parameters like item image, titles, descriptions, specifications and more to find the best probable match.

Parsing Competitor Websites

How do we read the price data?

Get Real Price tech works with technologies like parsing, server farms and smart readers to accumulate publicly available data from websites like prices, item images, description, promotions etc.

Anti-captcha service

We use own people+robots to solve captchas. Max speed 10000c/hr.

Visual Rendering Robots

Our Smart readers imitate human like behavior during shopping.

LTE Unblocked Traffic

We use special patent-pending microcomputers with custom internet interfaces.

Anti Crawling Defenses

We solve defenses like habitance test and anti crawlers.