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What is Get Real Price?

About us

Get Real Price is a price monitoring and product matching solution, providing customizable tools to over 200+ clients across the globe. Get Real Price is a technology-focused company, based in Finland, with a platform that has a comprehensive package of Profitable Pricing and Compliance Solutions. Get Real Price SaaS software (Retail Master) assists users to become a leading seller in comparison to their competitors by keeping them informed and alert.

The Partnership

What is Business Development Partnership?

Get Real Price has been in the global market for over a decade and our management aims to expand our business in different regions of the world. For this purpose, Get Real Price HQ is looking to partner with tech companies with existing e-commerce client based networks.

How can this Partnership benefit you?


Financial & Market Size Development of your company

Create a source of additional revenue for your business with existing clients and new clients.


Technological development of your portfolio

Be a part of a niche technology with strong competencies in the data management systems of Get Real Price


High competencies for your company's employees

Backend support of a global team with 10+ years of experience with over 400+ clients in the e-commerce industry

Do you meet the Qualification requirement?

Get Real Price partnership is developed by both GRP and the partner company. This will work if your business is running well and has experienced employees who are ready to be educated. Furthermore, existence of current or previous client base in e-commerce or strong relationship network in the e-commerce industry in your region makes the partnership easier and more successful. The partnership is mutually beneficial, hence, your company management must be motivated by the company’s growth.

Locate your company and check the probability of cooperation

Here are some helpful segments to estimate quickly whether we will work together or not. These rates are figured by ~ 140 processed cases in 2020-2023.


The Data is Not Available

How does it work

The procedure or estimating cooperation will take 2-4 weeks from 1st online meeting to final run.

Step 1

Fill the Partnership form


Step 2

Get in touch with our Partner team


Step 3

Agreement Review and Verification


Step 4

Assigning point of contacts from both sides


Step 5

Defining sales process and training


Step 6

Start selling with GRP's backend support

NOTE - The 1st meeting might be also a physical meeting if your office is located in one of the following countries: Qatar Kuwait UAE Oman Saudi Arabia Austria Denmark Belgium Bulgaria Iceland Andorra Hungary Latvia Bosnia and Herzegovina Germany Lithuania Poland Norway Greece Liechtenstein Finland Spain Luxembourg Romania Estonia Italy Monaco Slovakia Sweden North Macedonia Netherlands Czech Republic Malta France Portugal Switzerland San Marino Serbia Slovenia Croatia Montenegro.
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