promotion monitoring

Monitor Promotions from Competitors


Monitor All Promotions

Monitor ongoing sale products of all your competitors globally


Optimize Sale Prices

Optimize the sale prices of your products based on market trend


Detailed Reporting

Get Detailed Downloadable Reports on all the matches and monitoring trends


Monitor Ongoing Campaigns

Get Reports on ongoing online campaigns of competitors


Promotions on Similar Products

Get alerts when competitive products are on sale


Brand Promotion Control

Get alerts on any promotional irregularity in your distribution channel

A Simple Dashboard

We offer all your data like price monitoring, comparisons, price history of each product, stock etc in a simplified dashboard with multiple modules which can be used by multiple users to get an overview of the data.

With various graphical representations of data and unique filters to get the exact information you need, the GRP tool helps you have a simple view of complex information. 

Reports and Alerts

There are over 1820 different kinds of reports that can be generated through the GRP tool. You can also customize your own reports by defining which fields you wish to export and with what frequency; the report manager puts at your disposal all the reports you need.

Our Alert System is an efficient rule-based AI which can send an alert to your email. Configure unlimited alerts and reports that will notify you by email when price, product or stock changes are made by your competitors, allowing you to filter the results with our advanced filters.

Data Exports and API

You can export information from our pricing software in CSV or XLSX format with just one click. For more advanced integrations we have a simple API that can easily connect your systems (ERP, DB) to GRP and directly fix in your e commerce sales prices. 

You will have at your fingertips the same potential as large companies, like Amazon, and be able to design and execute a dynamic price strategy in real time by quicker and accurate matching.